Capturing Moments That Are Dear to Your Heart

Whether its Just showing off to friends and family, or nostalgia that will bring one back to that place and time, or even just documenting the details of hard work that went into putting an event together, photos are very important and will always be dear to hour hearts. They allow you to re-live a peace of ones own history without just relying on memory or someone verbally describing it.

Our Style

Having a professional photographer is very important when capturing those important moments. My team and I provide photography services for weddings, special events, family photos, and head shots. We at Coolshoots Photography pride our-self on providing great commercial photography, with an emphasis on high customer service. We will provide both photojournalism and commercial photography, so not only will you get the orchestrated moments, but the moments that only can happen naturally. 


We are located in Southern California in the Los Angeles County area. So we have plenty of locations that we can recommend that would fit your vision. We also can travel to you anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco